Craig Peyron “The Outlaw”

Craig Peyron burst onto the automotive scene last year showing up to an Extreme Speed Track Events track day at Buttonwillow Raceway Park with nothing more than a thought of going out and having some fun. Little did he know he was about to get sucked into the vortex of the Time Attack scene. While at the event he ended up meeting the likes of Martin Choi, Mark Jager, Rob Campbell and many more, which all pushed him to enter into the Time Attack. Although as we all would later find out Craig did not need much of a push to compete.

After that Craig turned into a regular with Extreme Speed showing up and dominating the XS AWD Competitions Enthusiast Class as well as Redline Time Attack’s Enthusiast Class. Although this wouldn’t be the first time Craig has dominated in the Motorsports world, he has been racing, riding and driving since he was able to hit a throttle. He has raced motorcycles, karts and well anything he can go fast on, these experiences allow Craig’s learning curve to be very fast with his new 2006 Subaru STI. Early on he was able to hook up with a master of his craft Robert Fuller owner of Robi Spec which deals in suspension and chassis setup. Robi was able to help Craig turn his stockish STI into a car that would continually break Time Attack Records throughout 2013. Craig’s first record would come at WSIR where he was the Overall enthusiast class champion as well as a AWD enthusiast class winner with a 1:31.264 at Redline Time Attack. Then Craig was able to go to Buttonwillow and set a record there. He won the Overall Enthusiast Class as well as AWD enthusiast class with a 1:58.332 at 2013 Redline Time Attack. Both of these records were set on Hankook RS-3s in a car with only 327hp.

These record breaking feats are only more amazing by which the way he is able to do so, considering that Redline Time Attack has one of the most strict Time Attack rule sets of any not allowing Craig’s car to have any aftermarket aero, no fueling upgrades, no turbo upgrades, and maintaining a full interior. All these restrictions make these records he sets astonishing, being that if he was competing in a series such as Global Time Attack he would be able to modify all that I listed above!

Overall Craig has had an amazing year and he still has a chance to set more records, with the availability of Autoclub as well as beating his own records at WSIR and Buttonwillow. I have no doubt that he will be setting a few more this year and even more in the future.

Also congratulations to Craig and Shelly for getting hitched!


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