Event Recap: Round 1 of Extreme Speed’s AWD Competition goes off without a hitch!


Justin Bordonaro - Round 1

Justin Bordonaro’s Modified Class KT Motoring Evo 8, shown above, was able to set the FTD for the the entire event, and took top honors in Modified Class with a winning run of 1:21.1 on SOW CCW. Holy SH!@! The car is sitting on Moton coil-overs on super sticky Hankook TD tires 265/35/18, and is powered by a built and stroked 2.3 litre variant Mitsu’s 4G63, fed by an FP green turbo. Talk about zero lag!  The car currently puts out 350whp on 91 octane. Justin was running consistent 21’s on SOW CCW all day with the exception of session one, where he cranked out a 22 and some change. There is still more in the car, as Justin was still getting used to no ABS. Not quite like his 2000lb Miata with no ABS. You can see a in-car of the run here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiHZuyi0_k0&feature=youtu.be

Zhong Cheung was out in force defending his 2012 Mod Class overall title win, but was not on R-Comps for this round.  Suprisingly he was on his DD tires which are Hankook Z12 rated at 280 treadwear. Zhong was able to hash out a 1:26.1   New comer to the series, Aldric Sohn in his super clean Rally Red Evo 8 rounded out the third spot for Modified class with a 1:28.39. 

Here is Rob Cambell in his freshly wrapped brush finish Modified Class STI. 

Rob Cambell - Round 1

Although Street Class was a little light in attendance for the 2013 season opener,  Mark Jager in his Giro Disk STI was able to set a new personal best on his new RCE coil-overs, and get the win for Street Class with a very respectable 1:24.5 lap time. Mark’s car is actually the first Subaru to ever win Street Class in the history of AWD. Second place honors was handled by Cody Kishel in his KT Motoring affiliated Evo X. The car was sporting monstrous 285 Hankook RS-3 on Ohlins Road and Track coil-overs amongst other things. David He in his super clean LEGACY rounded out the third place with a 1:33.1  In regards to the light street attendance, I think it can contributed to two things.  The newly formed Enthusiast Class, and the fact that a lot of the top guys from last year were not in attendance, namely: John Carson, Ben Siu, Gevorg Kalantaryan, and Ken Kasistz.  If your wondering where they went, here goes: Ben Siu’s car has to be completely refreshed from a maintenance stand point, and to add insult to injury, he actually crashed his car, air bag’s deploying and everything.  Time will tell what Ben decides to do, whether fixing his Rally Red Evo IX, or sourcing another Evo altogether. Gevorg Kalantaryan is in the process of building a new Evo, possibly for Modified class. John Carson’s car wasn’t ready, as his car was getting some new additions for Redline Time Attack. And Ken Kasitz shocks were still at KW Suspensions getting rebuilt after his little off-road slash rally cross adventure last month. Jumps don’t work unless you got re-inforced camber plates and a stitch welded chassis to name a few.   

Here is Mark “Jagermeister” Jager in his STI:

Mark Jager Round 1

Round 1 of 2013 marked the first event for the newly launched Enthusiast Class. Craig Peyron took top honors in his KW V3 equiped WRX STI with a very respectable 1:26.488.  Rick Ravenell in his WRX took 2nd place with a 1:31.3, and the one and only Lyle Excalabur took the third place spot in his Evo X MR with a 1:32.14.

Here is Craig Peyron’s enthusiast class winning STI.

Craig Peyron - Round 1

Here is a shot of Cody Kishel in his beastly Evo X:

Cody Kishel - Round 1

Here is James Singer, RRE poster child, in his Modified Class Evo VIII.  The car is sporting a fresh new 2.3 stroker built by Road Race Engineering, and Robispec KW Clubsports set up by Robert Fuller of Robispec.  You can check out James’ blog here:   http://roadraceengineering.com/blog/?p=4460

James Singer

Results taken from Extreme Speed’s FB page:

2013 Round 1




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