Mark’s Car Before he hit the Vape

Driver: Mark Jager

Driver Bio:
I was always interested in cars and working on them and once I got my license and was giving my first car (91 honda civic 4 door) I began modifying it. I spent a summer with my Dad in Michigan where we fixed up a car that he bought, it needed everything from a tune up to a paint job, but we were able to bring it back to life and then at the end sold it.
I grew up in Rosamond CA, which is where willow springs is located although I initially was not interested in road racing. Once I started modifying my car I began to take it to LACR. A few buddies and I would go every Wednesday and Friday to the test and tunes and race our cars and when you race you tend to want to go faster so motor swaps and turbos then followed. Once LACR closed down I needed to find a place where I could get my motorsports fun and with a new purchase of an STI it seemed fitting to try Willow Springs although I will admit it took my wife to buy my first track day before it happened. Then I was hooked signing up every so often and having a great time. Then I made the decision that I wanted to make this something that was more a part of my life so I pushed myself and Extreme Speed to allow me to help with their events and when I say that I mean do whatever they needed from setting up cones to directing traffic. After some time I was fully integrated into their team and began doing what I really wanted instructing and helping other drivers get what they wanted out of their track days. During my time with Extreme Speed I was able to learn from some of their amazing instructors and owners including Doug, Chris, Joel, Amir and many more all willing and able to teach me anything I wanted to know. This enabled me to accelerate my learning curve substantially. I would say if I can give any advice to a driver who wants to get better at the craft it would be to get out to the track and get a good instructor sitting next to you and remember going fast is a byproduct of your discipline and learning good technique. I was lucky to find some amazing friends along the way which encouraged and helped push my skills to new levels as well, the track is full of great people you just have to get out there and meet them. The guys I surround myself with now Ken Kasitz, Paul Leung, Rob Campbell, Gil Martin and many more are all guys that come to the track and help myself and my car go faster at each event.

Sponsors: Yimi Sport Tuning, Full-Race Motorsports, Borg Warner, Scat Crankshafts, JE Pistons, Supertech, Killer B Motorsports, South Bend Clutches, Wasp Composites, Swift Springs, ACL Race Bearings, Mil Spec, APR Performance, Rays, Project Mu, AP Racing, GTSPEC, Whiteline, Fuel Injector Clinic, Outfront Motorsports, SoCal Porting, Aeromotive, GSC Power Division, Koherent Chassis Workz, Cobb

Records/ Personal Bests:
Streets CW: 1:21.766 TA Overall Street Class Record
Big Willow: 1:26.566 TA Overall Street Class Record
Buttonwillow: 1:53.207
ACS: 1:45.394 TA Overall Street Class Record
ACS Infield: 1:10.105 TA Overall Street Class Record
Chuckwalla CW: 1:55.316 TA Overall Street Class Record
Road Atlanta: 1:33.407

Nickname: Honey Badger
Class: Street AWD
Year: 2006
Make: Subaru
Model: Impreza WRX STI
Chassis Code: GD
Engine: Subaru EJ257
Displacement: 2457cc (2.5L)
Boost Pressure: 24-27psi
Fuel: E85
Power Output: 500WHP
Weight: 3280 with Driver

Block: Subaru EJ257
Crankshaft: SCAT Crankshaft
Connecting Rods: SCAT
Camshafts: GSC
Pistons: JE Pistons
Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Supertech
Head Studs: MAPerformance
Intake Manifold: OEM kind of
Turbo Manifold: Full-Race Motorsports
Wastegate: Borg Warner
Bypass Valve: Borg Warner
Exhaust: Custom Yimi Sport
Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
Fuel Delivery: Aeromotive A1000
Fuel Injectors: Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc
Radiator: Howe Custom
Intercooler: Garrett
Oil System: ACL Oil Pump, Killer B Motorsport Pickup, windage tray and Pan, Accusump
Additional Engine Work: Outfront Closed Deck Block, ACL Bearings

Engine Management: Cobb Tuning AP V3 Speed Density tuned by Yimi Sport Tuning

Driveshaft: Driveshaft shop Carbon shaft
Transmission Gearing: Stock
Clutch / Flywheel: South Bend Clutch 4 puck disc, prolite flywheel
Differential: Stock
Axles: Stock

Shocks: RaceComp Engineering Tarmac II
Springs: Swift Springs
Sway Bars: Whiteline Front & Rear

Additional Suspension Work:
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings, Roll Center Kit, Anti-lift Race, Adj Lateral Links, Front & Rear Endlinks GTSpec Front Strut Bar, Subframe, rear diff brace and trunk cage

Front: AP Racing 355×32 BBK
Rear: STi Rear Brembos
Pads: Project Mu 999 Front and Rear
Brake Lines: Steel Braided Brake Lines

Wheels: Rays Gramlights 57Xtreme 18×9.5 40offset
Tires: Hankook RS-3 255/35/18

Front Bumper: Wasp Composite front Splitter and Canards
Hood: Kaminari
Trunk Lid: Siebon
Spoiler/Wing: APR Performance GTC300
Doors: OEM
Livery Design/Graphics: Badgertastic

Cage: Pierce Motorsports Roll Cage
Seat: Sparco Pro2000 Plus
Harness: Sparco 6 Point Belt
Steering Wheel: NRG
Gauges: Autometer Gauges: Boost, Oil Pressure, and Oil Temperature

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Full-Race Motorsports
Borg Warner
Scat Crankshafts
JE Pistons
Supertech Performance
Killer B Motorsport
South Bend Clutches
Wasp Composites
Swift Springs
ACL Race Bearings
Mil Spec
APR Performance
Project Mu
AP Racing
Fuel Injector Clinic
Outfront Motorsports
SoCal Porting
GSC Power Division
Koherent Chassis Workz
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