Martin Choi Redline Time Attack Driver

Our good friend Martin Choi answered some questions for Redline Time Attack and how the series is going so far this year.

Martin Choi

Car: 2012 Nissan 370Z
Class: Enthusiast RWD

Trans/Driveline: 6 Speed, RWD, OS Giken 1.5 WAY LSD

Car Name: 50 shades of black

Engine: VQ37VHR, Stillen Gen3 Long Tubes Intake, ARK DT-S Exhaust, Momentum Headers.

Wheels: Enkei Nt03 18×10.5+ET30 Square, Hankook RS-3 285/35/18 Square.

Suspension: M7 Coilovers, Whiteline F+R sway bar, SPL PRO, Front lower arm bushings, front impact bushings, rear camber links, rear traction links, Kuckly monoball bushings,F+R sway bar end links, Subframe Bushings, Differential bushings.

Random info: First year doing Time Attack

Specs: Recaro Pole Positions, Schroth 6 point Harness, The R’s Tuning Harness Bar, Racepak IQ3 DASH+Obd2 Datalogger, Qstarz LT-Q6000 Lap Timer, Stillen Front Bumper, Seibon TS CF Hood, Seibon NSM Spoiler, Project Mu Club Racer F+R brake pads, Project MU G-Four brake fluid, SS Brake Lines, Setrab 34 row Oil Cooler, Setrab power steering cooler, OS Giken LSD,

Corner3 Garage
SPL Pro Suspension
Source Total Car Performance
CounterSpace Garage
Nissan Motorsports

Which is your favorite track?
Martin-Buttonwillow Raceway Parkway

Best Brp time: 2:02

What’s your favorite perk driving with Redline Time Attack?
Martin-This is my first years competing and doing Time Attacks so it’s great to see friends at the track and compete against them as well.

What is your impression of how this years Redline Time Attack is going?
Martin-I think they are doing a pretty decent Job actually, just doesn’t sound like a lot of the GTA guys are running, which makes competition seem watered down.
What do you like about time attack?
Martin-The idea of time attack is perfect to get into motorsports as a beginner and be able to compete.


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