New Project – Feal 442 Coilovers

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It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Yimi Sport Tuning.  It’s also no secret I’m a fan of Feal Suspension.  Two shops I love visiting, because they are motor sport guys and they “get it.”  Every time I talk to them, the enthusiasm to build and innovate is infectious.  When you put these two together, I just get all hot and bothered I guess.

Recently, I had the chance to introduce Ken Kasitz, to Odi Bakchis over at Feal Suspension.  Ken does corner balancing and alignments over at Yimi Sport as well as suspension tuning the Jager Racing Time Attack STi.  What you may not know about Ken is he is also one of the the most understated and fastest drivers out at the track in Southern California.  When I was on grid last year at Superlap Battle, I got a kick out Ken’s skinny street-tired, stock-looking 02 WRX gridded ahead of GTR’s on massive race slicks with aero to boot.

Feal Suspension is well-known for their suspension rebuilds and manufacturing in several enthusiast markets.  The owner of Feal Suspension, Odi Backhis, is also a pro driver in Formula Drift, and he has been testing two-way and three-way coilovers that are application-specific for years.  One thing Feal has is well known for is providing coilovers that offer adjustability in a useful range: from custom valving that matches spring rates to ride height and camber adjustment that actually works for a given vehicle.  This is done in lieu of a one-size fits-all setup, and it requires a lot of testing.  I mention all this because the new product Ken will be testing out for Feal continues this model of offering useful adjustability without overspending to provide an application tailored to the vehicle.

I stole some photos.


Two-way adjustable coilovers will retail at $2,500 for linear setup and $2,700 for helper spring setup. For now, Ken will test valving and strut lengths out at the local road courses before general public release.  Notice Feal Suspension offers both front and rear camber plates as well as notched rear strut housings for further camber adjustment.  As I learned the hard way, nothing else will come close to these features in the same price ballpark.

I took the time to write all this up because I’m excited to witness real motorsport testing for a product and price point that will bring “good stuff” to the masses.

More to follow.

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