New WSIR Street Class Time Attack Record

June 16th 2013 marks the day when a new Street Class Time Attack Record was set as Willow Springs International Raceway. The previous record was 1:28.8xx which has stood since 2009!

The new record was produced by Mark Jager in his 2006 Subaru STI with a time of 1:28.360 at the Redline Time Attack event. The entire team stepped up to prep the car and ensure that all items were ready on the hot summer day at willow springs. With temperatures pushing towards 100 degrees it would take a dedicated team to allow any sort of record attempt. With practice going well on Saturday, that is to say no off track excursions or any malfunctions the team was poised for a better set of Hankook tires to be put on the car so that the car could really hook up. Paul Leung from Yimi Sport Tuning was on hand as well as Paul Yim (owner of Yimisport) to ensure that the Tune was spot. Ken Kasitz dialed in the suspension setting up the alignment as well as the corner balance which Anthony from Vaughn Performance provided to allow the car to really hook up. With added feedback from Ken about the tracks conditions for the final Time Attack round approaching Shane Wiggins, Mike Bushrod and Joe Klee ensured the car was ready to go out checking over the entire car and setting up the tires enabling Mark to have the confidence he needs to be able to push it to these limits.
At the end of the lap you can see the reaction from the information the QStarz Lap Timer tells Mark by the excitement with a fist pump and a **** YA!

Now the question is will it be reset again when they all head back to WSIR in October with the better weather conditions?


Yimi Sport Tuning
Vaughn Performance
Swift Springs
Eastside Muffler

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