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I posted up some videos of the post SuperLap Battle carnage.  While disappointing to have to call it quits early on, watching those teams battle it out was a blast.  My own adventure was pretty succinct.  Day One I missed the driver’s meeting assembling the car; so, I was cut out of the morning sessions.  In the PM, I did a few shakedown laps.  The car was not holding oil pressure and running a bit rough.  I put my tent up, and figured if it continued tomorrow I would retire.  Sure enough, after a chance encounter with world champion Markos Mylonas in the showers at Buttonwillow, I still had low oil pressure the next morning,

Loading the car up on the trailer, I stuck around to watch the battles.  Once I got home, I pulled the engine and discovered the crank had about an eighth inch of fore/aft play in it.  When Renner Racing Development tore down the motor for me (I kill wrist pin circlips when I do it), they found that my mystery EJ2.2T block had not been machined to accept the modern main bearings and was rocking the #3 thrust bearing.  Two years of track use and one year of cold starts, even with the pre-oiling, probably didn’t do me any favors.  The bearings were toast and the case halves too sadly.

So off to YimiSport buy a new motor?  Nah, off to Indotech Motorsports to buy a Miata!  More to follow on my repo Miata purchase for the fiance-turned-wife later.  Oh yeah, I got married.

Here is Jessica — super excited with her new toy.

And here Mark and I are out screwing around at the track.

Then off to Yimi Sport Tuning in Santa Clarita, CA.  Picked up some IAG case halves with pinned mains and some other goodies.  If this can’t hold the boost, I don’t know what will.  Then, after nearly dropping my case halves and catching them like the Eagles in the end zone, I went down to Renner Racing Development to triple check my bearings and build a motor my wife would be proud of.

Renner Stories
We had a flat tire at the track and asked if they knew of a good solution.  Their reply was to get a piece of wood and drive over the tire with a truck to get it off the rim.  They looked at us like we were stupid for not knowing this.  These guys are nuts.  They blow motors, go home, and come back the next day like “What?  We just built a new motor from spare parts and now we’re going to destroy everyone here.”  If you haven’t seen their GC builds, you don’t know.

Now to make Ken put his motor in his car; so, I can start on mine.  Oh yeah… Ken got bored and built a motor too.  It’s going to be full of surprises.

As always, Superlap Battle leaves you hungering for next year’s event.  Can’t wait to get Ken’s car and my car out there on fresh motors to see where the times fall.  Especially since my last minute install of the Radium Engineering Fuel Cell and FSCT dropped my weight by 200 pounds.  Hopefully, we will be able to do some testing at the end of April at CVR.

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