XS AWD Competition Round #5

The Extreme Speed AWD competition has been going strong this year thanks to all the great competitors that continually come out and support the series. Each time you come out to these events you get reminded of the friendships that can be made and the help that each they can provide to one another.

One guy might go down but another will do whatever they can to help them get back up and running, even if it means letting them use their car to go to the autoparts store to get parts. The competition that we see in the Awd comp is some of the best by far with separation coming down to the tenth and even the hundredth as well as close points races in all categories.

This event was special being that it was held at night at Streets of Willow under the lights provided by Extreme Speed Track Events. This makes this event even more challenging to get your fastest time being as the dark has the ability to hide some of the tracks features. Although the most important session of the night came during the Extreme Time Attack session allowing everyone to be gridded by time giving the best opportunity to run your fastest lap.

Here is an example from Craig Peyron laying down an amazingly fast lap in Enthusiast class with a 1:23.411.

One thing to remember is we are in the middle of July so temperatures are reaching over 100 degrees during the day which is why the nights event is so popular. But even at night the temperatures are still quite warm, but the competitors brave the heat and come on out to claim their trophies and prizes provided by the series sponsors such as Nitto Tire, Infamous Performance, Eibach Springs, and Road Race Engineering.
Here are the winners in each class:

Zhong Cheung 1st place Mod 1:22.72

John Carson 1st place Street 1:23.83

20130716-120622.jpgCraig Peyron 1st Enthusiast 1:23.411
Overall the Awd comp had 20 competitor competing so no one was granted a participation trophy and that’s how we like it, everyone had to earn their spot and it shows when mod class times between Zhong Cheung and Ramon Ornelas were separated by hundredth, in street class John Carson and Mark Jager were separated by 4 tenths and Mark Jager and Ken Kasitz by 6 tenths, and lastly in enthusiast class Brandin Bethel and Surge Dee were separated by only 4 tenths for 2nd place.
Here are the full results:

This type of competition is what keeps this series so exciting, it’s a constant battle to see who will take home the prize. Extreme Speed has worked hard to provide rules and prizes that makes for a fair and rewarding series in which the drivers can grow. If you have an Awd car come on out and give it a try!

For more info on the Awd competition from Extreme Speed go to www.extremespeedtrackevents.com

20130716-123108.jpgRamon Ornelas 2nd Mod class

20130716-123122.jpgBrandin Bethel 2nd Enthusiast

20130716-123140.jpgJ Laoharoj 3rd Mod Class

20130716-123152.jpgKen Kasitz 3rd Street class

20130716-123200.jpgSurge Dee 3rd Enthusiast class
Here are the year to date standings of the XS AWD Competition


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